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Antonio Sol - Steel Tipped Dove: the man incognito

Steel Tipped Dove: the man incognito

The magic behind the sound of the unknown

Antonio Sol 17/10/2014

Steel Tipped Dove has that futuristic bap-step we love.

The young producer transplanted to Brooklyn is one of the most interesting exponents of that mix between boom-bap and electronics that is starting to change the scenarios of underground music in the Big Apple.

With significant productions for Big Baby Gandhi, Lakutis and Heems, and Kool A.D. of the Das Racist, the minimalist and hard sound of Steel Tipped Dove, rigorously computer-forged but with a lot of soul, is finally getting noticed. The producer’s latest work is a compilation of instrumentals entitled A CABIN RECORD, scaricabile here.

First commercial beat sold/placed: I’ve never had a beat sold commercially. I sell beats to underground rappers but I have yet to land placement on a commercial record backed by a label’s budget. Would love to though, soooooo…labels hit me up!

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of: Anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes something just comes together so fast, lightning in a bottle type thing and it’s just done. Otherwise I will just vibe out as I’m building something and I’ll spend a whole 2 hours making 1 beat. Usually, when that happens the beat will go through many reiterations. So I guess the average amount of time I spend on a beat is 52 minutes 34 seconds. Wait do you mean like from when I first started making beats to when I made my first beat that I really liked? Cause I don’t really know the answer to that but probably like a few weeks.

Favourite production set-up: Reason and Logic with a drum pad and an analog synthesizer but I don’t have an analog synth right now so I have to step my game up.

Best digging advice from someone ever: Judge everything by its cover.

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, I have to go back to the lab!”?
Francis and the Lights, Cities Aviv, Blood Orange, Big Baby Gandhi.

Your worst production mistake ever made:
Sending out big ass folders of beats to way too many people at a time. I stopped doing that shit. Oh, and not making sure you back up stems.

One essential mixing tip?
Mix low volume for a while before you, well, turn up.