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Antonio Sol - Steel Tipped Dove: the man incognito

Steel Tipped Dove: the man incognito

Antonio Sol 17/10/2014

Di Steel Tipped Dove e del suo futuristico bap-step avevamo già parlato. Il giovane produttore trapiantato a Brooklyn è uno dei più interessanti esponenti di quella commistione fra boom bap ed elettronica che sta iniziando a cambiare gli scenari della musica underground della Grande Mela. Con produzioni di un certo peso per Big Baby Gandhi, Lakutis e Heems e Kool A.D. del giro Das Racist, il suono minimalista e duro di Steel Tipped Dove, rigorosamente forgiato al computer ma con tanta anima, si sta facendo finalmente notare. L’ultimo lavoro del produttore è una compilation di strumentali dal titolo A CABIN RECORD, scaricabile qui.

First commercial beat sold/placed: I’ve never had a beat sold commercially. I sell beats to underground rappers but I have yet to land placement on a commercial record backed by a label’s budget. Would love to though, soooooo…labels hit me up!

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of: Anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes something just comes together so fast, lightning in a bottle type thing and it’s just done. Otherwise I will just vibe out as I’m building something and I’ll spend a whole 2 hours making 1 beat. Usually when that happens the beat will go through many reiterations. So I guess the average amount of time I spend on a beat is 52 minutes 34 seconds. Wait do you mean like from when I first started making beats to when I made my first beat that I really liked? Cause I don’t really know the answer to that but probably like a few weeks.

Favourite production set-up: Reason and Logic with a drum pad and an analog synthesizer but I don’t have an analog synth right now so I have to step my game up.

Best digging advice from someone ever: Judge everything by its cover.

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, i have to go back to the lab!”: Francis and the Lights, Cities Aviv, Blood Orange, Big Baby Gandhi.

Your worst production mistake ever made: Sending out big ass folders of beats to way too many people at a time. I stopped doing that shit. Oh, and not making sure you back up stems.

One essential mixing tip: Mix low volume for a while before you, well, turn up.