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Vinyl shop and crate digging culture.

We've got ours into the vinyl culture in the late Eighties. Digging in the crates and the break-beats driven deejay culture stuck with us since the early Nineties. We've chased, tracked, purchased, sold and traded thousands of second-hand records of all genres. Hip-hop was our first focal point and lens to explore and discover funk, jazz, rare grooves, rock'n'roll, progressive music, disco sounds, house and African rhythms. We propose here a curated selection to satisfy both the newbie and the veteran. Try us.

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Beats, pieces, wrong ideas: hip hop blog for the inner child.

Since 2009, almost on the regular, as a hip hop blog, we blast Boombastic vibes for those who know. Those who don't, they can just get on and have a glance. Read our submissions, download selected mixes and podcasts. Still here rocking (some) bells.

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Indie hip hop label: enter the dungeons of Lab.

StrettoBlaster introduced itself to the people as an indie label in 2004. With an irregular yet funky output over the years, we produce music for the people, almost exclusively on vinyl and cassettes. Limited editions, small numbers and big quality. Each release has a different story to tell. Each item is unique.

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