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strettoblaster - Pietro Di in Sambeach Sunset pt. One

Pietro Di in Sambeach Sunset pt. One

The sounds of soul from a sunset close to you

strettoblaster 01/04/2016

A new exclusive podcast for us, a new journey, divided into two stages.

Imagine you are in Sambeach. It doesn’t matter where it is, don’t ask silly questions.
It is a beach, and on this beach, which is Sambeach but can be Java as Pozzuoli, at sunset the right size for peace of mind arrives.

Precisely for this reason comes Pietro Di, who is a profound connoisseur of Sambeach, as well as refined vinyl. To inevitably carry the sound of the sunset on the beach of the soul, wherever it is. A mixture of afro, funk, house progressive and original disco music rhythms.

The new Blast Podcast, as always in free download and streaming, from Sambeach to infinity.

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #107 – Pietro Di in Sambeach Sunset part One