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The Folto Caruso Ensemble (2012, Vinyl) FFiume

The Folto Caruso Ensemble (2012, Vinyl) FFiume

LABEL: Strettoblaster





Folto Caruso Ensemble, the original underground classic on vinyl.

Out of print, long time gone here’s a beautiful and new and unplayed copy of this fine gem.
It comes unsealed as per factory delivery, complete with original insert.

FFiume and Caruso’s debut, a limited edition adventure.

Originally pressed in a run of 200 copies only, it went sold out in a few months after the release. FFiume’s own debut is as groovy and funky as you might remember. Critically acclaimed, sought-after and overall dope. It contains the underground anthem “B-Boy Band” and its exclusive vinyl-only remix signed by DJ Argento. Certified SB gold.

The Folto Caruso Ensemble – Tracklist

A1 Milanoma feat. Mantix Religiosa & Bob De Nigro 1:36
A2 Loudspeakers 2:51
A3 Semana feat. Folto Caruso 3:27
A4 Viva la Vida (Interlude) 0:47
A5 Nessuno prod. Mastrofabbro 1:44
A6 Per Lo Show 1:45

B1 B-Boy Band 3:52
B2 L’Amante 2:08
B3 Partire feat. L’Irakeno & Folto Caruso 3:55
B4 Sinexto Blues (Interlude) feat. Martin Scortese 1:36
B5 Di Passaggio 2:22
B6 B-Boy Band (Silver Rmx) prod. DJ Argento