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strettoblaster - Brothermartino and his “Momentvum” mixtape

Brothermartino and his “Momentvum” mixtape

Straight out the Mixtapers crew, a present for you

strettoblaster 19/09/2017

Brothermartino, “mixtaper”, play it again…

We’re back at it, and we’re still the funkiest in town. Here’s a new escape from the wack musical reality that surrounds us. In the company of Brothermartino (he just released a fresh 7″ on the Money $ex records label by Max Graef and Glenn Astro, along with The Ivory Boy), the original co-founder of the group known as The Mixtapers, the original man who describes himself as able to “ producing beats, mix taping + fluting and saxophoning” at the same time. In short, he is one to follow when it comes to funky music.
We don’t want to steal space from the space, so let’s leave the floor to the honourable Martino from the Mixtapers Independent Progressive, who unequivocally explains what a “momentvum” is.

Brothermartino’s own Momentvum are a series of small musical tales that were born in 2009 with the appreciated Bolognina Lovecore massive. More similar to a giant suite than to a traditional mixtape, often composed of “unshazamable” tunes, they are mostly made of of b-sides, instrumental versions, re-edits/loops made for the occasion, overdubs of real instruments, and sometimes they have special guests with special skills.

As examples, for this Momentvum 13, an exclusive to strettoblaster, we find here and there dj Nersone scratching, Tony Polo as host, and the selection in vinyl OG is born from innumerable listening sessions with Brotherrichard in our home kitchen, from which came the infamous Kitchen Style Crew. Brothermartino, in addition to mixing everything on the turntables, played synth layers here and there, to create new versions of pieces, often already not really known…

What are you doing, do you press play and go in free download mode or do we send you a fax?

DOWNLOAD: THE BLAST PODCAST #122 – Brothermartino in Momentvum