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Francesco Fiume - Jay Vas: a new mixtape made of “Frames”

Jay Vas: a new mixtape made of “Frames”

Frames to understand Focus, the latest offering by Jay Vas.

Francesco Fiume 10/12/2018

Jay Vas , for the uninitiated, is a Calabrian producer/rapper from Lamezia Terme, Italy, to be precise. As you may know, we had already met him within Production Specs , our corner dedicated to beat making, some of you will remember. Recently out with his latest opus on our label, titled Focus , available both in digital and in a very limited edition bundle of vinyl and cassettes on digital platforms only, we asked him two or three things about his work.

Collaborator of more or less known names of the national hip hop scene (surely E-Green, Francesco Paura and Blo / B), launched by FFiume on the seminal strettoblaster’s own release gliOcchi, in the now distant 2004, our friend has ground an impressive amount of productions over the years, arriving at his third album in top form.

jay vas

We wanted to ask him a little about how his Focus was born, as already at first listening it is the perfect synthesis of a journey through the classic sounds of the hip hop tradition and the trap matrix innovation. The answer actually came to us in the form of a mixtape, something that serves to describe a musical journey.

As he says himself:

(…) I don’t really know how to present this, I tried to reconstruct an audio path for you …I put together a series of snapshots, something that well describes the sound I chewed and that surely influenced me during the Focus EP processing…I think I don’t have to say much about anything else, I hope you like it and listen to it with pleasure, as I hope you listen to Focus…

You can still cop the digital version of the album, give it a play on Spotify and try to chase some of the very limited vinyl copies we’ve released…good luck, and enjoy Frames!

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #128 – J Vas presents FRAMES