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Francesco Fiume - Concrete Mojo: a worldwide hip hop free mixtape

Concrete Mojo: a worldwide hip hop free mixtape

Concrete Mojo: a world tour with TwoMave and Dave The Mojo chasing hip-hop

Francesco Fiume 27/07/2018

A hip hop mixtape to go on holiday? That’s Concrete Mojo for you all!

Easier than easy, whether you’re planning to go out of town or simply staying in the city to bless the concrete with your presence, making every execrable corner of the city as fair as possible. It will be the heat that is stationed over the BelPaese, it will be the need to revive the glories of our virtual pages, it will be what it will be but we are taken by the holiday mood only partly, and we act as if it were October.

This is also why we deserve a new Blast Podcast, to distract us from the second half (or maybe more) of the mala tempora that run, from being on the razor’s edge of another summer that will end and leave us with a year more, while someone is savouring the salt, or taking lunar tints, or preparing fins and glasses for a dive where the water is bluer.

Work of our old boy TwoMave from Concrete Jungle accompanied for the occasion by Dave The Mojo, this Concrete Mojo experience is a one-way tour between America, Canada, Germany, France and England. No Japan this time…

We give you the tracklist and best regards!

01 It Gets Greater Later – Tiff The Gift feat. Awon
02 Striving Skit – The Paranorml
03 MoveJazz Spastiks feat. Apani B Fly
04 Concrete Jungle – Jenova 7
05 Every Season – Anti-Lilly & Phoniks feat. Awon
06 Player Status – Homeliss Derelix
07 Skit – Mauvais Vagabonds
08 Rolling Along – Abstract Rude feat. Moka Only
09 Big Tyme – Executive Lounge
10 Yesterday’s Future – Bluestaeb