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strettoblaster - Inspired Dee Jay Park in Diving Chamber

Inspired Dee Jay Park in Diving Chamber

From the dance floor to the turntables, Park's latest hip hop mixtape

strettoblaster 18/03/2016

Dee Jay Park and the search for spontaneity on the turntables, a precious combo.

The moment I discarded the third volume of a mixtape for lack of spontaneity, this mix took shape in an extremely natural way, despite the constant changes of mood. Funk is omnipresent. Get off to a good start to stop for a few moments, resume the start shot and close again in the comfort zone. And without realizing it you have passed, musically speaking, to Australia, England, America, Holland and Estonia. Diving Chamber, call it that. – Dee Jay Park

Dee Jay Park, from the crew known as Reddarmy, is one who only needs two turntables, a circle of b-boys and ’93 Till Infinity to be happy. Ex-breakdancer devoted to the art of turntablism, always in search for tasteful dance tunes, he’s the author of the True Hands mixtapes that you find here .

Dive with us into the well-being, come on!

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #105 – Dee Jay Park in Diving Chamber