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strettoblaster - Ill Boogie Records: a tribute mixtape by Concrete Jungle

Ill Boogie Records: a tribute mixtape by Concrete Jungle

Enter the story of Ill Boogie and his Records, California love

strettoblaster 17/11/2019

The history of Ill Boogie Records: a small yet important label from Cali.

The story of Ill Boogie Records begins under the name of Blackberry Records in 1997 and ends in 2004 after the name change occurred around 1999. Although the label was small, we are faced with a good chunk of Hip Hop history here.

Golden label, not only for the sound expressed, but for a precise idea of ​​music, both in terms of aesthetic compactness (net of some experimentation) and intransigence. The greatest (and best) result of Ill Boogie Records was to embody that part of the West Coast scene that played in the aesthetics and style of the far East Coast.

M-Boogie, founder and leader of the label, has for years been labelled an “imitator” of the great Dj Premier. On the long-distance, perhaps, the gist of the discourse is not this: listening today to a piece such as “New York, New York” one cannot but think that, after all, this was none other than the most felt tribute to the epicentre and cradle of this music, made by someone who lived on the other side of the United States. A thought that producing, many others like M-Boogie have had, from any part of the planet. Well, if so, then M-Boogie did it better than most.

Another central point that marked the production and signature style of the Californian label, as well as an idea that I consider excellent in itself, was the “ Earplug ” series. A very successful EP series, which saw a succession of high-level artists, from Mars Ill to Emanon (the group composed of Aloe Blacc and Exile, just to let you know, in case the name doesn’t ring any bell) and Demigodz (Apathy and Celph Titled), up to one of the very rare releases of Yeshua Dapoed (still hard to find, and in-demand, for all your beat-heads out there, NDA). A sequence of EPs, small and compact, all of the greatest level.

A piece of history of a genre, which, like the previous feature on Groove Attack, is worth listening to again.

Enjoy the tracklist and best regards y’all!

01 Killing Spree The Sequel – Mykill Miers
02 Someone to Hate – Born Allah
03 New York, New York – Dj M-Boogie feat. Triple Seis
04 Irish Cream – Doujah Raze
05 Everyday Ritual – Mykill Miers feat. Planet Asia
06 Reign – Dr. Oop De Blacklove
07 Outta Control – Styles Of Beyond
08 On Deadly Ground – Iriscience & Babu
09 The Real (Remix) – M-Boogie feat. Buckshot
10 On2DBeat – Yesh feat. Ken Boogaloo
11 Science Of The Bumrush Vol.2 – The Demigodz
12 Patience – Grand Agent & DJ Revolution
13 Forever – Dj Revolution feat. Chief Kamachi, Rasheed
14 Detour – Emanon feat. Dr.Oop