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strettoblaster - Check DJ Side on a mission called “Clubbin(n)side”

Check DJ Side on a mission called “Clubbin(n)side”

In other words, the freshest clubbing mix you may need

strettoblaster 07/11/2015

The best thing about introducing Dj Side and his latest mixtape is that he takes care of it, all alone.

Oi. Well…I’m honestly not very good at describing myself. For the tape that I present to you today, I can tell you that it’s a selection of songs that I play a lot in live situations and clubs. My preferences are mostly remixes of known and unknown songs. And beats that pump in the system. I have a very underground hip hop background, but in recent years I have developed a sense for non-trashy clubbing sounds, of course. This is kind of my style of selecting and playing live. And then I have a soft spot for Cumbia and Reggaeton. I know. I know, don’t tell it…What can I do?…LOL…

Our main man comes from Salerno, he’s rocking turntables and juggling records since the late Nineties, from underground hip hop cassettes mixed to date, is here for you with a new episode of our podcast. The same one that made it stop raining in London today.

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #94 – Dj SideTwo in Clubbin(n)side

The Blast Podcast #94 – Dj Side in Clubbin(n)side by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud