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Two Mave The Masked Jedi - Nanjing gone funky free mixtape: cold!

Nanjing gone funky free mixtape: cold!

TwoMave meets DJ Park, no mistakes allowed

Two Mave The Masked Jedi 28/09/2017

Concrete Jungle crew brings some heat from Nanjing, during a cold winter.

Once again the Concrete Jungle crew joins strettoblaster to bring you a new podcast: TwoMave the Masked Jedi selects eleven tracks from his archives, mixing the American (particularly from the “Northern” American scene), Japanese and English scenes, and then leave the floor and the controls in the cool hands of DeeJay Park.

This mixtape was born on a winter afternoon somewhere in China, it was snowing outside and the atmosphere was pure melancholy. The music corresponded to this state of mind: pensive, melancholy Hip Hop, at times hypnotic, yet always powerful, incisive and ready to be the soundtrack to the jumble of things that happen around us, in everyday life.

You may wonder why to publish it now…By now another winter is coming, we are beginning to feel it. And then good music counts, not the seasons. If this is also true of yours, all you have to do is press play.

We also add the tracklist, here and on Mixcloud. Not bad, uh?

01 黒い星の輝く空-Intro – Haiiro De Rossi
02 El Foto Grande – Robust
03 Inspiration – Epsilon Project
04 Interlude – 闇アガリ
05 Never Die – Golden Rules feat. Yasiin Bey
06 Dead End – Neroche
07 Can’t Understand – Cas Metah feat. Ruffian & Blueprint
08 Outro – Dinary Delta Force
09 Respect The Name – JustMe feat. Mista Sinista, Sheisty Khrist
10 Folks Back Home – Nathan Wolfe
11 You Got To Learn… – Macka-Chin

DOWNLOAD: THE BLAST PODCAST #122 – Winter In Nanjing