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strettoblaster - Godzilla has taste for a big Mappazz-One

Godzilla has taste for a big Mappazz-One

Italian sound-system pioneer and selector comes heavy

strettoblaster 24/10/2014

It was about time to host Godzilla properly, innit?

Act One

(…)nothing then, I would say that we stay on the first idea, of the two independent mixes, so the file of the first half we can call it “Musical mMppazzone“, and the second half we call it “Take The Cannoli”,
and then you could use in the presentation this stuff of the Sicilian badass that sells badly cut vinyl, and I would say that they are two beats of a single musical project…I leave for Copenhagen on Tuesday…so you have carte blanche

Act Two

oh, but … in the end what do we call them? I say Mappazzone … I sampled Bruno Barbieri who says so, in the first one … ah obviously you have to specify that it’s all strictly vinyl, let’s cum in short

Act Three

I’m in Malpensa, which I think is the shittiest airport on the continent, and I thought…
let’s call it “Mappazz-One” with the hyphen, so in the future who know…

Courtesy of the one and only Godzilla, one of the central figures of sound system style in Italy, a very close (and extreme) friend of ours, with a suitcase of soul on his shoulders.

And what is a friend of ours, after this podcast, we are sure he will also be your friend.
Take these cannoli, ma’am.

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #75 – Godzilla in Mappazz-One

The Blast Podcast #75 – Godzilla in Mappazz-One by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud