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strettoblaster - Daringer from Griselda Records means bomb beats

Daringer from Griselda Records means bomb beats

Meet the GXFR beatsmith to discuss beats, digging and more

strettoblaster 07/04/2016

Daringer and his beats: meet the musical producer of Griselda Records.

It’s not a secret, we have been pushing the lyrical feats of the artists of the roster Griselda Records for a while now, dedicating to Westside Gunn and Conway space on our columns, so Daringer’s name should already be familiar to most people.

Daringer, as a producer, is responsible for almost all GXFR sound scenarios, since the well-known and sought-after Hitler Wears Hermes II album, the guy has been writing a piece of modern hip hop history, as the Buffalo producer/deejay is standing out for a rough and massive sound approach.

What links Daringer and Conway with A Tribe Called Quest?

Download 12 essential early Griselda Records joints produced by Daringer

The best Daringer beats are the ones you haven’t heard yet, probably.

A lot can be told about Tommy Paladino since he’s taken the underground by storm in late 2012/2013, connecting with the very first incarnation of Griselda Records, Fashion Rebels, coming from the ashes of SE Gang, Buffalo’s own imprint. It was long before signing any major deal contract.

A long time before connecting with the Beat Butcha to produce Griselda’s major debut WWCD, executively produced by Eminem, or signing hits for Mach-Hommy, Benny The Butcher, Kool G Rap, 38 Spesh, Flee Lord, just to drop a few names.

Daringer producer GXFR with Conway and Westside Gunn in Buffalo

Daringer, the Griselda Records in-house producer, with Conway (L) and Westside Gunn (R)

The mainstream has followed the thunderous coming up by GXFR’s aesthetics, and this is due also to the merciless beats and soundscapes depicted by Daringer. His progression on the boards has been astonishing, capturing the attention, among others, of underground rap supremos such as The Alchemist, Action Bronson, or even Roc Marciano. Props and attention to the young producer came also from true school pioneers such as DJ Premier, for all the naysayers out there.

Each beat is simply perfect to its extent, and hauntingly beautiful. You wonder what’s coming next, each and every time. Most of his production is still to be fully evaluated and discovered, as the elusive producer keeps going on with a hard-working ethos and ruthless approach. This very same approach it’s the one that gave birth to an incredible flock of biters in the past years. Apparently, everybody wants a piece of that Griselda heat that the Buffalo kid, alongside fellow Camoflauge Monk, effortlessly built since its arrival at the GXFR boards.

Of his lean and dry style, boom-bap oriented, loops-infused, we have already said extensively reviewing The Reject 2, and after an online chat between Tommy and Stromberg, a brief and concise portrait of the producer who’s gained the most accolades in the past six years or so has emerged. Daringer x StrettoBlaster’s own Production Specs. Enjoy the reading.

First commercial beat sold/placed:
Pseudo Slang was a 12″ on Fatbeats, featuring Vinia Mojica, from Native Tongues, back in 2006.

How long did it take you to produce something that you were proud of?
Within a month.

As a producer, what’s your favourite set-up?:
MPCXL2000-2500, Technics 1200’s, Digidesign 03, Pro Tools, Vestax or Rane mixer, Rhodes piano, Moog synth, and a library of records.

Best digging advice from someone ever:
Take chances on music or labels you’ve never seen or heard, and listen to them before buying, if you have a chance to, unless they are cheap, like 5$ or under.

Producer, in the last 3 months, that made you say: “Oh, shit, I have to go back to the lab!”?

Your worst production mistake ever made:
Mixes or vocals not loud enough, or too much high frequencies cut.

One essential mixing tip:
Listen to your mixes on more than one set of speakers, and check your levels in headphones as well.

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