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strettoblaster - Download 10 essential Westside Gunn/Griselda songs

Download 10 essential Westside Gunn/Griselda songs

Enter "Pyrex & Ferragamo" free mixtape, a quintessential guide to GXFR

strettoblaster 02/10/2015

It was bound to happen, we knew it for a while now.

We had known in the editorial office for a while this would happen.

It’s been quite a while since the first time. Remember that episode of the podcast dedicated to Joey Bada $$? Here, that was the first signal, the first monographic mix. Here we go again. A new podcast, with a new proposal from Stromberg. An essential monographic path dedicated to Westside Gunn and its unstoppable Griselda Records.

(…) there is no competition, without a doubt, Westside Gunn is the most iconic and culturally-relevant rapper that the hip hop scene has seen in recent years, point blank…

He has swagger sell…Think about it: his music is pure mainstream material while remaining absolutely grimy underground, it is high-end luxury with a criminal attitude, as spontaneous as incredibly well-thought-out. I was talking about this WSG/Griselda imprint with Folto Caruso the other night, and we both agreed that this is the kinda shit that the real industry cats take inspiration from, and then you find it resold elsewhere in their sweetened records, but hey, they can’t fool us.

In the Griselda format, everything is perfect, from music to lyrics, uncut raw…This is NOT for everyone, of course, but this stuff has the potential to arrive at everyone. No matter if when it’ll happen we will be surely elsewhere. Anyway, I thought I’d pay a tribute and homage to the boys at GXFR, selecting the cream of the crop of the team, from Westside Gunn to Conway to Benny and all the entourage, shout out Daringer, Camouflage Monk and all the rest of the network…hope you like it, peace…

Clearer than that, our man Stromberg couldn’t be.
Give us your two cents if you like.
But first, download and listen to Pyrex & Ferragamo.

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #90 – Pyrex & Ferragamo, a Griselda Records Tribute

The Blast Podcast #90 – Stromberg the Host in Pyrex & Ferragamo, a Westside Gunn Tribute by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud