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strettoblaster - Sally Bowles in Quadronno Boogie mixtape

Sally Bowles in Quadronno Boogie mixtape

Time to boogie, everybody: a new selection from Big Sally

strettoblaster 12/02/2016

Have you ever been to Quadronno in Milan, boy?

Our fearsome and undisputed first lady, Rap Sally Bowles, the one from whom we all came a bit, often without our knowledge, returns from her Milanese retreat to the Capital. Collatina jubilat, Dergano a little less.

And she comes back with a load of random memories, chemical pizza, a couple of overcooked raids with a certain Franti and a cartload of good intentions about his future as a DJ. If Sasha Gray did it, why not Sally aka Larri aka Lerri aka GRANDE?

Her message to the office, together with the boogie of Quadronno, today’s mixtape from the Blast Podcast series, said more or less like this

Quadronno Boogie guys
lots of El Charro belts, lots of panini and
stacce zì

Take this mixtape and enjoy, we have roughly thirty minutes or so of boogie and electropop sounds for a perfect Friday in Milan, wherever you are.