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strettoblaster - Funk Rimini in Rewind: mixtape galore

Funk Rimini in Rewind: mixtape galore

Ubiquitous funk from Rimini, can you imagine that?

strettoblaster 28/05/2016

The ubiquity of funk, in its multiple forms in addition to the first concept, is now part of the new episode of our mixtapes series. We would like to write more, but we laugh all around and around, and we are as happy as Saturday morning in the middle of a bank holiday. The air of our home, with music at an adequate volume and the taste of those who know what they know. And our regular guests know this too, Funk Rimini, a collective operating since 2006, agitator of parties and jam sessions on the Riviera.

Ricky Cardelli (singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer) is joined by Kambo (DJ and turntablist), Franz “Crimson” Cardelli (bass-man and guitar-man, producer), Oder (beat-maker), Ciuck “BigBang” Giannini (keyboardist and pianist), and with them, the visual artist Alessia Travaglini.

Their mix of funk, disco, house, and hip hop, led them to share the console with masters of the calibre of Mozart and Daniele Baldelli, up to support the same Afrika Baambaata, confirming an important driving force for what concerns the music of quality in Romagna and surroundings.

If you ask the guys about Funk Rimini, they’re quick to answer.

“In 2013, the brothers Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli, after the experience in the band of Dre Love, The White Niggaz, returned to the Riviera and together with some friends with a passion for the purest funk, they started playing at parties under the moniker of Funk Rimini. They mix live and DJ sets with great funky/soul classics, rare grooves, real jam sessions where they give vent to the expansion of the rhythm and improvisation. From Parliament, Funkadelic to Roy Ayers, Gil Scott-Heron, Dâm-Funk, Shuggie Otis, Sly and the Family Stone, Cameo, all the heritage of the groove is swallowed up and put back on its feet in a new form.

Today the guitars and the drums have been replaced with synthesizers and drum machines, a bit like what happened in the 80s trying to synthesize the songwriting that comes from jazz/blues/rock with the world of nu-soul, of hip -hop and house music. After years of research and training changes, we have also summarized our sound.

Of the music of the past we try to have that feeling of uniqueness given by a performance charged with soul and feeling; In many of today’s electronic productions that “hot” feeling given by the human touch through the use of quantizers and auto-tune has been lost.”

What you may not know, Funk Rimini recently is out with an EP. An experiment in absolute line with their live mix of sounds and sensations, transposed into the studio, for obvious reasons. The result is a calibrated boogie funk, modern, tinged with electro and disc accents, perhaps revolutionary, but adequately swinging to intrigue.

“In 2015, after our performance at the Beatcon, we were convinced that the result we had arrived at was satisfactory, and the desire to put these pieces on record has become increasingly concrete. The EP was recorded in just twenty days, six pieces that make up a “suite” in crescendo, in which the songs blend into one another in a sea of voices, tape echoes, drum machines, Rhodes and transverse flute, all played, sung and kept as LIVE as possible Funk Rimini is the first recording work, but it contains almost twenty years of experience in music, and thirty years on this planet. “Free your mind and your ass will follow”, as George Clinton said.”

Exactly. To celebrate their latest release, they gave us the mixtape called Rewind, another piece that adds to the listening puzzle you can find on Mixcloud. Kambo and Ricky wanted to record a mix with the latest goodies discovered during the winter. A journey back from the freshest productions to get to old disco tracks from the 70s.

Check the guys on the FreshYo! label page. But first, have a toast of authentic Romagna. It’s on strettoblaster, needless to say.

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #111 – Funk Rimini in Rewind