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Il Mio Jingle (Kool Is Back) FFiume & Folto Caruso

Hip Hop

Il Mio Jingle (Kool Is Back) FFiume & Folto Caruso

FORMATS: Digital



GENRE: Hip Hop

Folto Caruso and FFiume are The Ensemble: they’re back, and they keep it jingling.

Some of you guys may remember FFiume’s own debut LP, titled Folto Caruso Ensemble, released on our imprint back in 2012.

After years of musical hiatus from the creative duo, if we don’t consider a few gems here and there, the track we have here is the first anticipation of their next LP.

The same men who brought you the underground gem “B-Boy Band“, are here for a new journey into the groove.

A very “cool” yet dense atmosphere, also because of the fact that the song, as well as the whole album currently in the work, has been conceived in London during the hardest parts of the lockdown at the end of 2020.

The musical production, curated by Folto Caruso, sees FFiume settle on the drum lines with his usual grace and lyricism. In addition to the timbre and wordplay that made him popular with his listeners (and their girlfriends, as the man points out), FF also embellishes the fine texture of Caruso’s beat by playing and arranging some live instruments.

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  • 01. Il Mio Jingle 00.00
  • 02. Il Mio Jingle - Instrumental 00.00
  • 03. Il Mio Jingle - Accappella 00.00