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The Folto Caruso Ensemble FFiume

The Folto Caruso Ensemble FFiume

FORMATS: Vinyl, Digital



GENRE: Hip Hop

The Italian hip hop underground classic known as The Folto Caruso Ensemble.

After over 20 years studying the hip hop discipline, producing records for other artists and spreading vibes with the StrettoBlaster imprint, FFiume releases his first solo album in 2012, alongside partner in crimes Folto Caruso. The result, fueled by the lead-single B-Boy Band, becomes an instant classic for the Italian underground hip-hop scene.

Edited in a limited-edition vinyl of 200 copies only, the album is joyful and precise in its intent: delivering the finest beats and classy rhymes, with the touch FFiume has been recognised for ever since. With the precious help of the producer Folto Caruso and his friends, to whom the album is also entitled, FFiume releases a series of tracks that contain the juice of its twenty-year journey.

The features, few and selected, see Caruso himself and the exceptional singer Irakeno alternate on the microphone. In addition, the album sees the presence of the producer Mastrofabbro, DJ Ntrippo, and guitarist Martin Scortese. The blend of jazz, funk and warm sounds with a soul flavour received critical acclaim and was noticed a new generation of listeners. To date, the most successful StrettoBlaster work. Last vinyl copy available in our store!


  • 01. Milanoma (feat. Mantix Religiosa & Bob Denigro) 00.00
  • 02. Loudspeakers 00.00
  • 03. Semana (feat. Folto Cee) 00.00
  • 04. Vivalavida (interlude) 00.00
  • 05. Nessuno (prod. Mastrofabbro) 00.00
  • 06. Per Lo Show (prod. FFiume) 00.00
  • 07. BBoy Band (feat. DJ Ntrippo) 00.00
  • 08. L'Amante (prod. FFiume) 00.00
  • 09. Partire (feat. L'Irakeno & Folto Cee) 00.00
  • 10. Sinexto Blues (feat. Martin Scortese) 00.00
  • 11. Di Passaggio (prod. FFiume) 00.00