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Musica Leggera Herrera, FFiume

Musica Leggera Herrera, FFiume

FORMATS: Digital, Cassette



GENRE: Hip Hop

Herrera & FFiume feat. Cenzou in Musica Leggera: post-hop, hard-bap, soul music.

Musica Leggera means literally “light hearted music”, which is exactly what Herrera and FFiume bring on this limited-edition tape, sold-out and out-of-print.
The work of FFiume and Herrera is a small gem of sound and lyrical craftsmanship. United by the love for funk music, digging in the crates and the research on the most soulful boom-bap, in 2017 FFiume and Herrera (former collaborator of The Irhu Experience) often met at the Medicine Studio to share vibes in fiery sessions.
Neapolitan Hip Hop founding father Speaker Cenzou, for his part, in addition to a cameo on the microphone, blesses the partnership and ensures its soul overview.
The original tape came with full instrumentals and amazing old-school artwork by visual mastermind Jacopo Tripodi. Available in digital formats on our store!


  • 01. Intro skit (feat. Drago from Sanantonio42 & Coppo) 00.00
  • 02. Siamo Qui 00.00
  • 03. KoolGee 00.00
  • 04. Ivano Bordon 00.00
  • 05. Quando Pompo il Funk 00.00
  • 06. Io Potrei (feat. Speaker Cenzou) 00.00