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#OREEORE (2013, Album) FFiume

#OREEORE (2013, Album) FFiume

FORMATS: Vinyl, Digital



GENRE: Hip Hop

FFiume put happy hours doing music on his sampler: the results are #OREEORE.

A crazy dope amount of boom-bap beats, a few friends, free hours in the studio and a large number of records to dig through. That’s the essence and the main ingredients of #OREEORE, possibly the first hashtagged title in Italian Hip Hop history, and the second album from FFiume. Right after the critically-acclaimed full-length album The Folto Caruso Ensemble, FFiume found himself making more and more beats, rocking with friends and putting his musical output to the max. All these conditions are the premise that led to the full-album, now sold-out and out-of-print, in collaboration with Skill2Deal label. Soulful and jazzy boom-bap solutions for the like of Italian emcees such as Musteeno, Santo Trafficante, O.P. from Bananaspliff and so on. Enjoy the digital version, or chase the vinyl.


  • 01. Monouno (statebene) (intro) 00.00
  • 02. AMMT (feat. DJ Ntrippo & Folto Cee) 00.00
  • 03. Giammai (feat. Musteeno) 00.00
  • 04. DGH (feat. Koki) 00.00
  • 05. 2098 (feat. Capstan) 00.00
  • 06. Originality (feat. FatFatCorfunk) 00.00
  • 07. Un Mondo Pieno Di...(feat. J-Vas) 00.00
  • 08. #Oreeore 00.00
  • 09. Icarus (feat. Freeze Fred) 00.00
  • 10. Monodue (Believe I) (skit) 00.00
  • 11. Backinthedays (feat. Santo Trafficante) 00.00
  • 12. Economia del resto (feat. Osaka) 00.00
  • 13. Itali (feat. Lenny's Arcade) 00.00
  • 14. Il Biondo (feat. O.P.) 00.00
  • 15. Rap Present Tony (Bonus) (feat. Tony Polo) 00.00
  • 16. Monotre (Fuori) 00.00