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Hip Hop FFiume, G. Tomato

Hip Hop FFiume, G. Tomato

FORMATS: Cassette, Digital



GENRE: Hip Hop

Fuel for the soul, open 24/7/365: enter Hip Hop weird world.

FFiume and G.Tomato linked online after the mutual respect for each other’s music. The outcome of this meeting is a bunch of wrong ideas exchanged in a private chat that has been lost. By the way, with the precious help of Walter Zegna, Roberto Plagio and Pippotto Inzaghi, FFiume produced dope beats after a long hiatus and wrote also some poignant lyric. Tomato put on the extra effort on the microphone tip. The addition on the board of multi-instrumentalist Brothermartino and producers Herrera and Manny Malanni made the rest of the story flowing. A sizzling cassette tape and digital format for your listening pleasure. Boom-box food signed StrettoBlaster.


  • 01. Come fare rap freestyle tutorial (feat. Brothermartino) 00.00
  • 02. SangueMisto SXM (Falla) (prod. by Herrera) 00.00
  • 03. Gue Pequeno Canzoni (Bruno Deep) 00.00
  • 04. XXX Amatoriale Ita (Perché fai così?!?) 00.00
  • 05. Dissing Traduzione (Passamontagna) (prod. Manny Malanni) 00.00