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Skoppio (2019, Cassette) FFiume, J-Vas

Skoppio (2019, Cassette) FFiume, J-Vas

FORMATS: Cassette



GENRE: Hip Hop

FFiume and J-Vas in the aptly titled Skoppio: boomin’ stupid freshness.

Skoppio came from the wrong idea that the two friends were cherishing for a long time: a cassette tape filled with heavy beats and stupid rhymes. Stealing the aesthetics from Italian pop-magazines from the Eighties, and hidden subliminal references from other eras and situations, the duo takes no hostages on this one.

Music (and an unreleased verse) is from FFiume, lyrics by J-Vas. Everything was produced and pre-mixed by FFiume somewhere in Paris, in 2013, at Studio Mobile.
Recorded by J-Vas at Vasellodromo, in Lametia Terme, Italy, and by Manny Malanni at SoulBox Studios, London.
e al Manny Malanni Studio, Londra. Mixed and mastered by Clas-K at Barflies Studio, Rome, under the supervision of Commie Jordan.

Wrong ideas to the fullest here.


  • 01. In Vacanza con Kallobis (feat. Kallobis) 00.00
  • 02. Amore Malato (feat. FFiume) 00.00
  • 03. Credimi(ilmioamicodicecheseiunatroia) 00.00
  • 04. Funkysh(k)*t (interlude) 00.00
  • 05. Seh, Mah, Boh... 00.00
  • 06. Donnie Vasco (feat. DJ Namekk) 00.00
  • 07. Skyrockin' 00.00
  • 08. Latenite (interlude) 00.00