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Underlife FFiume, Clas K

Underlife FFiume, Clas K

FORMATS: Vinyl, Digital



GENRE: Hip Hop

The pure underground sound and the jazzy influences of Underlife.

FFiume and Clas K met online, right after the release of The Irhu Experience album. On that occasion, Clas remixed the song Nelle Case and was noticed by FF himself. After a period of irregular contacts, Clas sends a batch of beats to the StrettoBlaster emcee. The atmospheres infused with turbid jazz, the funk that remains in the background, the imprint is unequivocal: solid boom-bap for the stereo. For its part, FFiume writes quickly and together with Clas he realizes in a couple of months what critics will declare as one of the best independent products of Italian Hip Hop in 2018. The very last copies of a limited-edition vinyl on glossy 180 grams are still available in our shop. Don’t sleep!


  • 01. Reso/Amarena 00.00
  • 02. Lectio/Alieni 00.00
  • 03. Clouseau/Grosso Guaio 00.00
  • 04. Friends/Semplicemente 00.00
  • 05. Margot 00.00
  • 06. Window/Bukowski Aperitivo 00.00
  • 07. LeoMessi/Fame & Rispetto 00.00