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strettoblaster - Meet Deda & Gaston Martin: The Disco Shepherds (Mixtape)

Meet Deda & Gaston Martin: The Disco Shepherds (Mixtape)

Disco music best shepherds are in town!

strettoblaster 16/04/2015

Disco music finest shepherds are ready to rock the flock!

Imagine a maze of streets, alleys, low buildings between asphalt guts and sheltered arcades.

Imagine them at night, a crossroads of varied and more or less colourful humanity, festive, festive, resistant to a time that does not leave much room for optimism.

And then, imagine the fog, which envelops everything and muffles the noises and sweatshirt the steps, while the yellow lights make it a little grumpy and oppressive, although in the fog you sometimes find that sense of solitude that borders on absolute freedom, the gift of invisibility and much more.

So imagine you are out and about. Imagine of having to go to a party, and having to get there through the streets you have imagined so far.

And add that you are very happy to challenge the damp and grey of this night, because you know that you will be rewarded for the effort by arriving in a place full of happy people, with lots of dance music. Funky disco dance music, to be precise.

The tunes are selected by Deda aka Katzuma and Gaston Martin, also known as Gaston Martin. Imagine this music being…

…interesting? Engaging? Beautiful?

If this were the case, and the imagination left you right on the coolest, we will help you, giving you a nice mix by the friends mentioned above.

All of the above is a precious courtesy of the elusive Fondazione Pasotto, which recovers and protects the fragments of boogie disco and the likes, the soundtrack of the nightlife of a good period in Bologna, adequately beautiful and underground.

To be specific, The Disco Shepherds is a mix composed of sixteen tracks, selected by our heroes. The first half is curated from Gaston, the second part by Deda, to be precise.

Originally released on a limited edition CD in 2007, today it’s here in free download and streaming all for you.

Deda & Gaston Martin are The Disco Shepherds by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud