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strettoblaster - Bredda Saga in amazing Jahtari Special

Bredda Saga in amazing Jahtari Special

A tribute mix dedicated to the German digital reggae label

strettoblaster 26/02/2016

(…) this is a tribute mix dedicated to the Jahtari label, which I felt the need to do for some time…7/8 years ago, after a long period in which almost anything that came from Jamaica gave me a kind of allergy (the big acts were the likes of Movado and Vybz Kartell, just to name a few ) I accidentally heard a tune by Mikey Murka (formerly Mikey Merican…), entitled “Downpressor Man“, which gave me some hope…after some homework, I discovered that the song was contained in the very first 45 rpm produced by a new born German label (!), called Jahtari, in collaboration with a team of Danish producers (!!!) called Maffi. Since then I have become a fan of their brave style of digital reggae, to say the least, mixing dub poetry and digital style, roots and dancehall….Ganja and kung-fu references galore, their influences are ranging from King Tubby to Kraftwerk. All their tunes rarely disappointed my expectations. By the way, these guys have shed some new lights on the digital stuff from 80s, making it sound as modern as ever. They also have influenced many producers, both young and veterans, in recent years…what else to say…Jahtari leads the way! – Bredda Saga

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #102 – Bredda Saga in Jahtari Special