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strettoblaster - Crushing DJ MP45 brings you Back2School mixtape

Crushing DJ MP45 brings you Back2School mixtape

...and he's gonna get yours, suckers!

strettoblaster 25/11/2016

Our Brighton-based friend Dj Mp45 is back among us.

He basically he sends us back to school with a dope mixtape in the backpack. Seriously. Over sixty minutes of hip hop sounds blended with his turntables, from Brighton to the world, with a touch of snobbery and svuotazza, the type of lethal combo that does not forgive.

Digging into his library, our friend comes to us with a killer selection of rap music, in alphabetical order, from A to Z, following all the letters of the English alphabet, of course. The beauty of 26 tunes for as many hardcore escapades in territories that are difficult to explore. At least, not without having a big backpack like this and skills from digger avid, looking for the perfect groove in no uncertain terms.

The DJ lets us graciously find the tracklist on the player below. Arm yourself with a camo jacket, ski goggles, balaclavas, 300 grams hooded sweatshirt, baggy jeans, boots, backpack, and big headphones. Even if you don’t have a walkman, we forgive you, yes. Download the joint down here, the Blast Podcast takes no hostage.


DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #120 – DJ Mp45 in Back2School