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strettoblaster - Bredda Saga inna Wicked vol. 1

Bredda Saga inna Wicked vol. 1

Ragga hip-hop galore inna dance-hall style

strettoblaster 13/11/2015

Wicked and wild, that’s how they used to make hip-hop ragga!

Bredda Saga is back, in style as always, let us tell you. With a two-volume treatment, however, of which we bring you the first half today. What is it about? Soon said.

One of the resident deejays in the small StrettoBlaster club, the National Saga takes us once again to the ideal yard located in between the warm currents from Jamaica and the fresh winds of New York (and beyond). A mega-selection of rugged’n’raw sounds with a ragga-hip hop and hip hop-ragga flavour, from his collection of records and disks, a veritable mine of fresh sounds for those who want to listen to them.

As some of you might remember, it isn’t the first time that we do such an excursion in sound (both FFiume’s own Trenchtown mix and Saga’s Yardcore are on the map ) and today we’re glad to go back to these Nineties gems, strictly bangin’.

Lots of remixes, mash-ups, alternate versions, and overall absolute bangers for a wicked weekend.
Lighter, high grade, press play, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #95 – Bredda Saga inna Wicked Vol. 1

The Blast Podcast #95 – Bredda Saga in Wicked Vol. 1 by Strettoblaster on Mixcloud