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Francesco Fiume - Pupa Tee inna pakistani funk mixtape

Pupa Tee inna pakistani funk mixtape

Don't fuck around with the indigenous sounds of Pupa Tee

Francesco Fiume 07/10/2016

Pakistani funk anyone? We got records, innit Pupa Tee?

Dear friends, you will no doubt have noticed how quality over quantity remains our motto.
And we treat quality today, leaving the controls of our sound to the brothers of Ragnampiza, in the person of Pupa Tee, in great shape, with a new episode of his now mythical Posology, exclusively for the Blast Podcast series. A Pakistani funk mix high dosage, as we like to call it. Beautiful things about trust.

Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know, Posology was born as the container and the vent valve of the vinyl research of the good Pupa, who, from the reggae roots of the first volumes, varying in musical genres, goes from salsa and cumbia to Turkish psychedelia and, today here now for us, to the Pakistani drift.

Get ready to listen to fuzz-rock, folk, funk, and soul from the East, all rigorously extracted, mixed and faithfully recorded from the 45 rpm collection that the good Pupa has been amassing for some time in his obscure crates.

Everything is here below, and if you like it do not worry: leave a comment, follow us on Instagram, let us know what you think and how we can improve our typical products. Careful, though.

Good listening, you fools.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Blast Podcast #116 – Pupa Tee in La Pakistana