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Generazione X FFiume & Folto Caruso

Hip Hop

Generazione X FFiume & Folto Caruso

FORMATS: Digital



GENRE: Hip Hop

“Generazione X”: an heartfelt tribute to Carlo Giuliani and his generation, killed 20 years ago.

It was July 20, 2001, and during clashes between police and demonstrators at the G8 summit, Carlo Giuliani was killed in Piazza Alimonda, in Genoa, Italy.

In “a surreal climate of ultra-violence and trampled human rights“, even according to Amnesty International, a new era was opening. That was the moment that swallowed up an entire generation, the so-called “generation X”, in fact.

My whole generation died with Carlo, all of us were killed in that damned square, completely destroyed in our political consciousness. Detached completely and forever, until today at least, from what would have been the fate of the world as we know it (…)” said FFiume.

I still remember the anger I felt twenty years ago, it never really went away and it’s part of who I am today. Music is also memory, and this is our contribution.“, adds Folto Caruso.

And, to give you more depth, in the words of FF himself “(…) we are the last generation to have a clear idea of ​​a “before” and an “after” the G8 events. We are the eyewitnesses of things that have profoundly changed the destinies of life in the Western world, from the 1980s era to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, to the countless post-G8 crises, to the onset of that creeping populism that today triumphs over everything and everyone.

Well, we are still there, and this is just a small and heartfelt stream of consciousness of who we are and what we still do, of our mistakes and our strengths. Let us resist in every way this new era that does not belong to us at all.

I wrote this song in one of the many moments of “suspension” and introspection during the lockdown in London, playing with samples I had in my MPC, and putting to paper some ideas that have been on one side for a long time. Better late than never. My homeboy Caruso has finally arranged and mixed everything, and … we’re still here. Our next album is coming out soon.

The whole musical production, as well as the lyrics, is pure and heartfelt poetry. Strings, vibes, and minimal percussions make the perfect soundscape for heavy words and poignant lyrics to roll. Corrosive voices sampled from the past news are there too, to remind us where it all came from, and how inglorious July 20th is, and always will be to most.

Caruso’s arrangement and mixing technique bring to life the opus as it is. Breath-taking hip-hop at its finest hour. Another important piece of the coming LP is revealed, after the appetizer “Il Mio Jingle (Kool Iz Back)” was released in February this year.

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