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Stromberg Tha Host - Gianni Gebbia – Aldo Sinesio…for you (Documentary)

Gianni Gebbia – Aldo Sinesio…for you (Documentary)

Stromberg Tha Host 27/08/2012

What we’re bringing you today is a gem.

For the very first time, this improvised and self produced video about the making of the documentary Aldo Sinesio, a jazz life, shot by the sax player and movie director Gianni Gebbia, sparks a little light on the legendary Aldo Sinesio: jazz producer and founder of the sought after Horo Records label.
Diggers worldwide know what time is it.

Sinesio, a movie maker and politically engaged intellectual from Sicily, living in Rome, turned to be a special and fine record producer, ran his own label, creatively helped by italian finest jazz players, and worked with almost everybody in the international jazz scene of the Seventies.

Some of the most unforgettable recordings of all times“- according to Gianni Gebbia “are from the Horo Label“.

Waiting to peep more from the full documentary, working on some more extras, enjoy this in the meanwhile.

Out like go big, Aldo.